Travel with less and in security with inFLIGHT shirts!

inFLIGHT apparel just launched their travel shirts on Kickstarter back in November 2019, and has already reached 218% of their goal and counting

My family and I are passionate travelers, and believe strongly that exploring the world’s wonders is the most powerful education you can have for you and your family

This is the reason, why we created inFLIGHT apparel, in order to help people, create ever lasting memories through stress-free travel

inFLIGHT shirts are made from Rayon from bamboo with a stretch jersey mix, and offers three invisible security pockets to safely store your passport, cellphone, cash and cards

We decided to go with Rayon from Bamboo, as it offered the desired benefit to enable minimalist packing

Our shirts are 100% sourced and made in Canada, and 1% of our sales will be donated to environment friendly initiatives

With inFLIGHT apparel, you can go anywhere, anytime, with peace of mind

Take an inFLIGHT shirt with you on your next adventure, and say goodbye to the physical and mental burden of heavy packing and worrying about being pickpocketed

Transform your next adventure by getting your new travel shirt via the following link HERE

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